N-1/Mrs. Elizabeth Pellettiere

Welcome To The Shining Stars Class Of 2018!

The next few months of school will be a whirlwind. The warmer weather seems to have a way of speeding up time. We will make the most of the next several weeks of school as we explore Springtime themes and prepare for our Step Up Ceremony.

The date for our Step Up Ceremony is Monday, June 18th @ 9:00. This will be the last day of school for the Nursery children.

Here are other important dates and considerations:
 In honor of Earth Day, the children will study how to care for the Earth. One of the topics will be studying is recycling. The children are going to create art sculptures out of recycled items. Kindly send in 5 small paper items. The items may include empty pasta boxes, paper towel tubes, a sheet of newspaper, cereal boxes, small jewelry boxes, empty cup of soup boxes, etc. anything that looks interesting and can be glued together. Please send the items in a bag labeled with your child’s name. Kindly send them in by Monday, April 23rd.

Our Mother’s Day Celebration will be held on Friday, May 4th at 9:00. All of our beloved mothers are most cordially invited. As a special gift, we will be compiling recipes for a keepsake cookbook. I am asking each family to submit your child’s favorite recipe. You can handwrite it or type it out. It is your choice! It need not be complicated, kindly refer to the recipe attached to the previous newsletter for the format. Please have your recipe in by Monday, April 23rd.

​Please take note of the changes to the school calendar:
Thursday, May 10th-Ascension Thursday--School will be open.
Friday, May 11th-Half Day of School. Nursery children will be dismissed at 11:00 from the front school doors.

Please keep the weekly newsletter in a safe place so you can refer to it regarding the letter of the week. 

Please remember that Show and Tell is on Wednesday. Kindly send in something that starts with the letter S.

Themes For The Month Of  April:

Week One- Letter Q/Springtime-Rain and Clouds
Week Two-Letter R/Springtime-Rainbows and New Life
Week Three- Letter S/We Celebrate The Earth!
Week Four-Letter T/May Flowers and Mother's Day

When we return the children will......

*Continue with our letter/number study. We will study the letter S.
*S is for Sunflower! We will plant sunflowers for Mother's Day.
*Keep an eye on our  egg hatching experiment.
*Learn how to take care of the Earth. We will learn about recycling, planting and other ways to keep the Earth beautiful and clean.
*Practice praying using the Sign of the Cross.
*Thank God for the beauty of Spring.
*Give our grass plants a trim before we take them home
*Practice one to one correspondence as we play many counting games.
*Have loads of fun!

***Gym is every Monday, please wear sneakers!

God Bless,
Ms. Pellettiere

Teacher's Prayer
Lord, please help me to strengthen their voices,
bodies and minds,
to express their feelings and to guide them gently,
to explore what's near,
and venture afar, but
most important to love who they are.



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