N-1/Mrs. Elizabeth Pellettiere

Welcome to our little corner of the world!
Last week, the children studied the creepy, crawly, flying world of insects. 
*****Exciting News------Our caterpillars have arrived--5 tiny ones! We know that they will not stay small for long---each day they grow a little bit bigger! It is wonderful to be able to watch this metamorphosis unfold before our eyes. 

Some important considerations:

Kindly refer to the handout given out at the Orientation regarding Valet safety rules. 

Gym is every Monday. Please wear sneakers! 

Show and Tell is on Wednesday. Kindly send in something that begins with the letter X.


Special Reminders For The Month Of May/June:

**Monday, May 27th-School Closed For Memorial Day
***Thursday, May 30th-School Closed for Ascension Thursday
***Friday, May 31st-School Closed
***Tuesday, June 11th-Our Step Up Ceremony. This will be the last day of school for the Little Scholars!

Themes for the month of  May:
Week One-Letter T/Earth Week/Preparing For Mother's Day
Week Two-Letter U/Mother's Day/The Parts Of A Flower
Week Three-Letter V/The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly
Week Four-Letter W/Insects
Week Five-Letter X/Kindness Revisited

Next week the
children will:
*decorate the letter X--X marks the spot!.
*care for our sunflowers.
*care tenderly for our real live caterpillars.
*learn more about kindness and make "Kindness Buckets" to fill with our good deeds.
*play outside as much as we can!
*play with colorful playdough, sand, water and rice.
*remember to say our prayers and to thank God for each new day.
*play games that will teach us how to recognize letters.
*practice counting using one to one correspondence.
*practice cutting with scissors.
*count, sort and classify.
*practice sharing and taking turns.
*practice walking on a line.

*practice using language to express ourselves.
*Have lots of fun!

God Bless,

Ms. Pellettiere

Teacher's Prayer
Lord, please help me to strengthen their voices,
bodies and minds,
to express their feelings and to guide them gently,
to explore what's near,
and venture afar, but
most important to love who they are.



If you are curious about the NYS Standards, you may pursue them at: