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Welcome To May!

Important Dates and Reminders:

****Thursday, May 25th-Ascension Thursday-School Closed
****Friday, May 26th-Full Day Of School
****Monday, May 29th-Memorial Day-School Closed 

***Save The Date***
Tuesday, June 13th-Nursery Step Up Ceremony at 9:00. This is the last day of school for the Nursery children.

Themes For The Month Of May:

Week One-Parts Of The Flower, Planting, Mother's Day!
Week Two-Life Cycle Of The Butterfly!
Week Three- Insects
Week Four-Buckets Of Kindness! Friendship and Community Service!
Week Five-God Bless America!

A Quick Look Back:

Last week, the children studied the world of insects and bugs. We looked closely at ladybug beetles, dragonflies, fireflies and bumble bees.
Our caterpillars are tucked into their chrysalis, undergoing mysterious transformations.
The bean plants in our classroom planter are growing taller and greener each day. 
The children took home their window "greenhouses". It is time to transplant the seedlings into a pot.

A Quick Look Ahead:
This week the children will learn about the relationship between kindness and self-esteem. The children will create "buckets of kindness"! 

Letter/Number News:

This week, the children will study the letter W and decorate it with a juicy piece of watermelon!
We will learn how to identify the letter and explore some words that start with the letter of the week. As our study of the alphabet enfolds, we hope to build a connection between the spoken and written word. We will make a simple word list of all the words we collected each week. At the beginning of each week, you might like to post the highlighted letter in a central location of your home, such as your refrigerator or in your child's bedroom.
You can also tell your child one or two words that start with the letter. You do not have to write it down---just tell them and see if they remember. We especially like it if our names or the name of a family member starts with the letter of the week.

Show and Tell will be on Wednesday! Don't forget to bring something in that starts with the  letter W!​​

The Budding Mathematicians:
The children will explore the concepts of patterning, counting, simple addition and subtraction.

Fine Motor News:
We will continue to practice our cutting skills cutting, tracing and drawing.

As always do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or concerns. Kindly note that the Chat Option on my remind account has not been activated. If you would like to contact me please use email or a written note--I don't want to miss your correspondence!

My email is epellettiere7211@ndsnet.org.
Ms. Pellettiere

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