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Welcome To Ms. Pellettiere's Class!
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Welcome To March!

Important Dates and Reminders:
Friday, April 7th-Half Day Of School--All children dismissed at 11:00 from the front school doors.
Thursday, April 13th-Sunday, April 23rd-School Closed For Easter Recess. School Reopens on Monday, April 24th.

***Save The Date***
Tuesday, June 13th-Nursery Step Up Ceremony-This is the last day of school for the Nursery children.

Themes For The Month Of March:

Week One-Dr. Seuss, Ash Wednesday-The Beginning Of Lent!
Week Two-The Five Senses, Lent-We Follow Jesus!!
Week Three- Welcome Spring-New Growth, St. Patrick's Day, Lent-Jesus And His Message Of Love
Week Four-Welcome Spring- Wind, St. Joseph Day! Lent-Jesus and His Message Of Forgiveness!
Week Five-Welcome Spring-Clouds and Rain, Lent-The Cross Of Jesus!

A Quick Look Back:
Last week the children studied the wind. We learned that wind is moving air. The children conducted a fun experiment to see what they could move with their breath. We discovered that we could move paper, feathers, cotton balls and straws. We could not move blocks or cars.
The wind tunnels we made allow us to create a wind storm anytime we want! In the art center, the children worked hard to create kites. We are waiting for a windy day to sail them!

Lenten News:
We learned that Lent is a time for us to get closer to Jesus.   Each week, we will learn a little bit more about Jesus' messages of hope, love and forgiveness. ​
Last week, we grappled with the concept of forgiveness. The children learned that forgiveness is when you tell someone you are not angry with them anymore. We practiced using kind words when someone says they are sorry. In the art center, we made a lovely craft that will help us remember that Jesus wants us to be kind, loving and forgiving to one another.

This week we will look at the symbols we will see during the Easter season. We will look especially at the Holy Cross. The children will make Crosses and place them on a hill of clay.

A Quick Look Ahead:
This week our Spring study will inspire us to look closely at the clouds and rain. We will make colorful umbrellas and perform various experiments that will help us to understand where rain comes from.
Our Scholastic magazine will help us discover how rainbows are formed. It will be fascinating!


Letter/Number News:

Last week, we studied the letter O and made Octopuses with eight dangling legs. This week, we will study the letter P. We will read about the adventures of Peppa Pig and her love of muddy puddles!
We will learn how to identify the letter and explore some words that start with the letter of the week. As our study of the alphabet enfolds, we hope to build a connection between the spoken and written word. We will make a simple word list of all the words we collected each week. At the beginning of each week, you might like to post the highlighted letter in a central location of your home, such as your refrigerator or in your child's bedroom.
You can also tell your child one or two words that start with the letter. You do not have to write it down---just tell them and see if they remember. We especially like it if our names or the name of a family member starts with the letter of the week.

Show and Tell will be on Wednesday! Don't forget to bring something in that starts with the  letter P!​​

Fine Motor News:
To help build our fine motor
skills, the children will practice cutting out shapes and will trace the letters of their names.

Cold Weather Alert:
As you know we keep an extra change of clothing for your children in school. We will swap out the summer clothes as you send in the warmer winter clothing. Please have your children wear mittens instead of gloves. They are much easier to slip on.
Thank you!​

As always do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or concerns. Kindly note that the Chat Option on my remind account has not been activated. If you would like
to contact me please use email or a written note--I don't want to miss your correspondence!

My email is epellettiere7211@ndsnet.org.
Ms. Pellettiere

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