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Some Important Dates and Reminders:
Saturday, February 11th-SweetHeart Dance from 6:30-9:00-Hope to see you there! Tickets will be distributed at the door.
Tuesday, February 14th-Our Valentine's Day Party. Dress Down Day! Please wear something red to school. You are welcome to send in Valentine's treats for the children. Kindly do not label the treats with the children's names, it makes it easier to distribute. Alas, this is a "child-only" event but do not worry---I will take lots of pictures!
Monday, February 20th-Friday, February 24th-School Closed For Winter Recess
Wednesday, March 1st-Ash Wednesday-Lent Begins

Themes For The Month Of February:

Week One-Dental Health, Ground Hog Day!
Week Two-Healthy Me!
Week Three-
Valentine's Day, Presidents Day!

A Quick Look Back:
Well, the snow thwarted our plans and we were not able to complete our Healthy Me unit. I will try to work in the remaining lessons next week---we will be so busy! We did learn how not to spread germs. We can keep our germs to ourselves by washing our hands frequently and by using and disposing of tissues properly. In the art center, we created portraits of ourselves caught in the act of "catching our sneezes".
We keep our bodies strong by practicing healthy habits. We learned a special way to keep our spirits strong, too----by praying! Jesus longs to be our loving friend, helper and guide. Whenever we want, we can offer a prayer to Our Lord and He will lend us an attentive ear. Turning to Jesus in challenging times and in times of joy will open the door to developing a living, vibrant relationship. If we start our day by praying, we can be assured that that our days will be filled with blessings from above!

​​ Looking Ahead To Week Three:
This week we will explore the loving holiday of Valentine's Day! We will create cards for our families with a fun rebus poem inside. Picasso created a famous work entitled, "Valentine's Day". It is an image of two hands presenting a bouquet of flowers. The children replicated the piece in the art center. They will go home on Valentine's Day!!
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Hail To The Chief! The children will also learn about President's Day. We will learn about  where our President lives and what his very important job is. We will even learn about some of our very famous past Presidents. The Shining Stars will be invited to think big--maybe one day we will be a famous POTUS! The children will have a parade in commemoration of President's Week.
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Letter/Number News:

Last week, when we learned about the letter J, the children created a beautiful mosaic around a picture of Jesus. We used our fine motor muscles to rip small pieces of construction paper. The children used the papers to create a colorful rainbow around our Lord. They worked very hard because they knew they were decorating a very special picture!
This week, we will study the letter K. K is for Kindness! The golden rule of our faith and of our classroom is to treat each other will love, kindness and respect. This week, we will once again think about ways to put our Lord's greatest commandment into action.
We will learn how to identify the letter and explore some words that start with the letter of the week. As our study of the alphabet enfolds, we hope to build a connection between the spoken and written word. We will make a simple word list of all the words we collected each week. At the beginning of each week, you might like to post the highlighted letter in a central location of your home, such as your refrigerator or in your child's bedroom.
You can also tell your child one or two words that start with the letter. You do not have to write it down---just tell them and see if they remember. We especially like it if our names or the name of a family member starts with the letter of the week.

Show and Tell will be on Wednesday! Don't forget to bring something in that starts with the letter K!​​

Math News:
Our Number pages are completed and bound. Our Number Study books are ready to come home. It is the culmination of many weeks work and the children worked very hard on each page.
Although we have completed our number books, we will not be finished with our math study. We will continue to count, create groups using one to one correspondence, reinforce shapes, make patterns and match numbers to quantities.

Cold Weather Alert:
As you know we keep an extra change of clothing for your children in school. We will swap out the summer clothes as you send in the warmer winter clothing. Please have your children wear mittens instead of gloves. They are much easier to slip on.
Thank you!​

As always do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or concerns. Kindly note that the Chat Option on my remind account has not been activated. If you would like
to contact me please use email or a written note--I don't want to miss your correspondence!

My email is epellettiere7211@ndsnet.org.
Ms. Pellettiere

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