N-1/Mrs. Elizabeth Pellettiere

Welcome To The Shining Stars Class Of 2017-2018!

Dear Families,
It has been wonderful praying with the children. We begin our day with a small prayer asking Jesus to bless our day and help us be kind to one another. We thank God before we eat the wonderful food our parents provide for us. In the afternoon, we end our day by singing a blessing song. Ask your children to show you their praying hands!

Here are some important dates and considerations:

Kindly return all documents that you received at the Orientation and at Open School Night if you haven’t done so. We are still missing some of the school agreements. It is a yellow form.

Please send in your family photo! I am waiting for a class set to laminate them and present our beautiful families to the class.

Monday, September 18
th-Valet Begins—please review the safety rules regarding valet

Tuesday, September 19th-Our Class Pictures will be taken. Bring your smiles!
Wednesday, September 20th-Individual Pictures. Wear your Sunday best!

If you would like to sign your child up for Morning Care, kindly fill out the paperwork in the office. Morning Care begins at 7:45 in the Nursery classroom.

Themes For The Month Of September:
Week One-Getting To Know School
Week Two-Getting To Know Ourselves-All About Me!
Week Three-Getting To Know Each Other-Friendship
Week Four-Our First Fall Theme-Apples

This week the children will......
Begin our Color/Shape study! We will head off the week by studying the color red and by exploring the infinite circle.

****Don't Forget To Wear Something Red on Friday!

***Our First Show and Tell will be on Wednesday and then every Wednesday thereafter unless otherwise notified. Kindly bring in something that corresponds to either the color red or the circle. Please make sure it is something small enough to fit in the children's backpacks. The children will have their first brush with public speaking. They will introduce themselves and then tell us about their Show and Tell treasure.

Next week is also Friendship Week! The children will create a Friendship Wall. They will decorate pictures of themselves and talk a little bit about what they like to play with.
The children will also plant a Friendship Garden. We will learn that plants need good soil, water, sunlight and loving care to grow. In pairs, the children will each plant a seed in their own cup and then in their friend's cup. Then, we will ask Jesus to bless them and help them grow, just like He blesses us!

The children will also receive their first Scholastic magazine this week. It is about being a kind friend. The last page is a skills page that will help us gain skills in math and literacy.

Gym is every Monday, please wear sneakers!

***It is so important to remember that the first few months of school are a time of adjustment. It helps to keep in mind that each child grows and adjusts at their own pace and we must recognize and respect each child's process.

***We use Remind 101 to send important messages on your cell phone. Kindly follow the easy instructions to sign up for our Nursery class.

God Bless,
Ms. Pellettiere

Teacher's Prayer
Lord, please help me to strengthen their voices,
bodies and minds,
to express their feelings and to guide them gently,
to explore what's near,
and venture afar, but
most important to love who they are.



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