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Here are some of the weekly themes we will be exploring during the month of February:
Groundhog Day
Dental Health
Healthy Habits
Valentine's Day

Looking Back (Week of 2/13/17)
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The theme of “Valentine’s Day” was a lovely one for the Nursery children!  It was the perfect occasion for us to revisit the topics of love, kindness, and friendship.  We enjoyed several books about Valentine’s Day as well as stories off friendship.  We spoke about our favorite ways to show love and kindness to our friends and family.  We also discussed God’s love for us and we looked for signs of His love all around our school. 

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We celebrated this special holiday by having a class party and we thank all of the parents for their donations of snacks and supplies.  We created classroom decorations using lots of glue and pink and red glitter.  We also created sponge-painted heart art using a stencil and paint.  We had fun using watercolors and paintbrushes to make Valentine sun catchers as well.  We also completed a Valentine’s Day Scholastic Magazine by tracing the shape of the heart and we visited the videoconference room to view a video about showing our love.  We also played a heart pattern game on the SMART Board.  We had a sweet week and we are feeling the love!

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We concluded our week by reading about and discussing the job of president.  We spoke about becoming president and the importance of the job.  We joined with the other Nursery class for a “Future President Parade” around the first floor of our school.  We were looking festive wearing the red, white, and blue presidential headbands we created just for the occasion!

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Our letter of the week was Kk and we also spent time reviewing letter Jj after our prior week was cut short by snow!  We looked for Kk on our whiteboard and then again on paper.  We also read a poem and a song about letter Kk and found many pictures of items that begin with the letter Kk on our alphabet chart.  At music and movement time, we pretended to be kangaroos and then pretended to fly kites.  The girls brought in many interesting letter Kk items on Wednesday for Show and Tell.

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Since our previous week was shortened, we celebrated the number ten this week!  We counted out groups of ten using different objects in the math center.  We also used our actions to count to 0-10 each morning during circle time.  We continued our red and pink heart pattern on the February calendar each morning.  We used our Valentine’s Day number puzzles in the math center to increase counting fluency and numeral recognition.  

Coming Up (Week of 2/27/17)

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The upcoming week will be a time to rest and enjoy the winter weather.  When we return to school on February 27th, we will be ready to welcome the month of March!  With the arrival of this special time of the year, we will focus on the season of Lent.  We will discuss the ways we prepare for Easter and we will read several Bible stories and speak about the miracles and works of Jesus.  We will use our dot painters to create a “Letter Ll is for Lent” craft on construction paper and we will use tissue paper and contact paper to create colorful sun catchers for the windows. 


The first week of March will also be a time for us to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss!  We will have lots of fun with this theme as we begin to explore the concept of rhyming words.  We will play a rhyme game using picture cards throughout the week and we will play a matching game at circle time.  We will enjoy several of Dr. Seuss’ books and we will create our own Cat in the Hat headbands for the big day on Thursday.  We will also create a handprint project featuring One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and a paper bag puppet to celebrate Put Me in the Zoo.

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Our next weekly letter will be Ll, which will incorporate our religion topic of the season of Lent.  We will create letter L’s using our dot painters and we will find and circle the uppercase L on the whiteboard and on paper.  We will read a poem and sing a song about the letter Ll and we will look for pictures of items that begin with Ll on our alphabet chart.  We invite the boys to bring in an object that begins with the letter Ll on Wednesday for Show and Tell if they would like to do so.

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Our math focus will continue to be counting as we begin our number and shape books.  We will match up the number one with one hexagon and we will use roller paints and stamps to add one and hexagon to our books.  We will be working on one-to-one correspondence and matching quantities with the correct numerals as we move into the next part of the school year.  We will also end our heart pattern on Tuesday and count to find out whether there were more red or more pink hearts in total and we will begin a green and yellow shamrock pattern for the new month of March.


The nursery children have published a book!  Our mitten book is ready to go home for review.  Each child will have a turn bringing home the book for the afternoon during the next month.  When it is your child’s turn, we ask that you take a few moments to provide a comment on the paper provided before returning it the following morning.  We will enjoy reading the comments in class each day.  Thank you so much for your help!

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***Important Reminders
*We will have an Early Dismissal on Friday, March 3rd, at 11:00 AM for all Nursery students.

*Valet guidelines may be found in the yellow "Addendum" form that was distributed at the Parent Orientation and there are reminders listed below.  Please take a moment to review these guidelines if you do use Valet Service in the morning.  Thank you!

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Valet Service is an option that you may like to use in the morning. If you are opting to use the Valet Service, there are a few rules that you must follow in order to ensure the safety of the children as well as the adults on supervision. Please be sure to refer to the Valet Procedures paper that was given to you during our Parent/Teacher Orientation. 

Below are a few reminders of how Valet Service is used...

1. The teachers/teacher aides will stand at "checkpoints". The "checkpoints" include one teacher at the door, one at the gate, and three teachers along the sidewalk of Mayfair Road for the cars. The teachers at the sidewalk help children out of the cars and watch as they walk to the next "checkpoint". Be sure not to block checkpoints, instead stand to the side so that all teachers are able to see all children at all times.
2. The cars must pull up to the teachers three at a time. The teacher greets the child and helps them out of the car. The cars then leave together, being cautious as to not pull around the car in front of them. Also be aware of oncoming traffic and those who are not using the Valet Service.
3. The next set of cars may pull up to the teachers when the first set leaves.
4. Please DO NOT let the children out of the car unattended. Please wait for the teacher to open the car door. It is dangerous to allow any Nursery/Pre-K child to open the door and allow themselves out of the car.  Please do not leave your car.  The teachers will help each child out of the car.
4. Please do not drive faster than 20 miles per hour.
5. If you are opting to not use the Valet Line, please park your car in a safe place (please do not block driveways). Kindly walk your child to the South Gate.
6. When driving, be sure to follow the law. You may not park your car at a curb and face the wrong direction. It is unsafe. Always follow the rules of the road.
7. Valet Service runs from 8:35-8:45am. It is a 10 minute window. If you are running late, it is not a problem. If the Valet time is over, you may park your car and walk to the front of the building. The front door will be open to you.
8. If your child is reluctant to leave the car on the Valet Line and shows a struggle, kindly pull up to a safe area, park, then walk your child to the South Gate.
9. Please remember that pets may NOT be in your car if you are using the Valet arrival.  Thank you!

We thank you so much for your cooperation regarding these important regulations.  We all share the common goal of keeping everyone safe each and every day, and we truly appreciate your help in ensuring a safe and smooth arrival each morning.  
Thank you!

Remind Updates: If you have not yet done so, please text the message @cb874k to the number 81010 so that you will be sure to receive all important updates and reminders throughout the year.  If you are not receiving the messages, please let me know.  Thank you!