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The Five Senses
   Polar Animal

Looking Back…

Welcome Back! Although it was a short week in Pre-K we sure learned a lot! We began our theme of the five senses this week and will continue it into next week! We focused on our sense of sight, smell, and taste this week. We read “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” and then using white paint we created our own images like the one talked about in the book. The students painted a picture of their choice and using our sense of sight we were able to identity the pictures. We then moved onto talking about our sense of smell and how sometimes we can smell something and know what it is without even seeing it. We had our own “Smell Test” in which each table was given a cup that was covered at the top so you couldn’t see what was inside and they had to use their sense of smell to identify what was in the cup. When they identified what the smell was they drew a picture of the item in the first box. We did this for four different rounds. (The items were Doritos, Toothpaste, Coffee, and Oranges) The students continued to explore their senses by using liquid glue to trace over their names on construction paper. When they finished tracing their names with the glue, using a spoon, they sprinkled Jell-O powder on top of it. When the glue tried the students had created their own scratch in sniff in which they were able to identity the strawberry smell of the Jell-O. The third sense we talked about this week was our sense of taste in which we had our very own Taste Test. The students would take turns tasting different food items and then describe how it tasted. Was it salty? Sweet? Sour?

 Looking Ahead…

Next week we will continue and finish up talking about the five senses. We will focus on the sense of touch as well as hearing. Later in the week we will then move onto the theme of hibernation! We will also continue on with our letter study with the letter Mm. Students are invited to bring in a picture from home of something that begins with the letter M! Show and Tell is for the girls next week! Please send in an item that begins with M! We will continue practicing and drawing different shapes as well as successfully writing last names! 

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  • Show and Tell is for thegirls next week (Letter M)
  • All students are invited to bring in a picture of something beginning with the letter M for our class alphabet book!
  • No School January 21st in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Student of the Week:
Each week we will have a new student of the week! I will send home a poster with the child on a Friday and ask that the poster be returned that Monday! I will send an email letting you know when it is your child’s turn to be the Student of the Week!

Show and Tell:
Show and Tell is every Friday in which the students bring in an item from home that begins with the letter of the week! Show and Tell alternates each week between girls and boys! 

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