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What's Cooking?!

Welcome to the PF-1 class webpage!  My name is Mrs. Dyane Dowd and I am eager to continue the school year with your children!


I am currently in my 8th year of teaching Pre-Kindergarten, and my 11th year of teaching experience. I graduated from Dowling College with a degree in Elementary Education (Grades Birth-6) and received a master's degree in the area of Literacy. I also have certifications in the areas of Student's with Disabilities and Early Childhood.  By working together as a team, we will ensure your child’s success inside and outside of the classroom!

On this webpage, you will find important information and great resources. You will also be given weekly newsletters, inside your child's folder every Friday, that will let you know in detail what to expect in my classroom.
I am looking forward to helping your child grow in wonderful ways this school year! Please contact me at if you ever need.

Goodbye February... HELLO MARCH!

The themes this month include:
Dr. Seuss Week
Dental Health
March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb
St. Patrick's Day

Dr. Seuss Week: 
This was a fun and exciting week! We celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss by dedicating an entire week to this wacky and zany author. "Wacky Wednesday" was a huge success. Everyone was very creative with their backward shirts, mismatched outfits, and crazy hair! The children had a blast listening to all of the wonderful books by the author. I enjoyed seeing the children have fun with this theme. It is so rewarding to see the children grow and develop their love for school and for books!

Dental Health:
Happy teeth make happy smiles! The children will learn all about ways to keep their teeth healthy and strong. They will listen to stories about dental hygiene and will complete projects that relate to this theme. The children will learn how to brush properly, how to floss, and ways to avoid cavities! The children will even learn all about what to expect when they visit their dentist!

"March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb":
We will observe the difference we may see in the weather this month. The children will learn that March is typically a windy month.  We will conduct a science experiment to learn about how wind moves or doesn’t move certain objects.  The children will love making kites! We can't wait for SPRING!

St. Patrick's Day:
We will also be learning about the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. The children will love the color green and will be making green St. Patrick's Day crafts as decorations for our classroom.  The children may even have a very special visit from a lucky leprechaun!

During lent the children have been extra prayerful and have been performing random acts of kindness towards one another. 


My classroom has a very structured daily routine, which all children will benefit from. Our morning routine consists of un-packing independently, attendance, prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, singing God Bless America, Calendar activities, and a morning message/problem solving activity. Then we move on to completing a craft of the day that relates to our theme of the week. The children will sing the “ABC Chant Chart” and complete letter work to build their awareness of the alphabet. The children will enjoy leaving the classroom for their special subjects which include library, technology, gym, music, and art. When the Half-day children leave at 11:15am, the Full-day children go to Lunch. When they return, they “rest and digest”. We then go outside to the playground or downstairs to the indoor playroom (depending on the weather). Then the children return to the classroom for a healthy snack that their grown-up provides. Then they enjoy Center Time, where they play or work in small groups. The children then pack-up independently and dismiss at 3:00pm. 
Information regarding holiday/birthday celebrations...
Due to certain dietary restrictions/preferences we opt not to celebrate with food during any holiday/birthday celebrations. Instead we are allowed to give small goodie-bags or wrapped treats to be sent home. Children are not to eat candy in school, and if we do celebrate with food (for example Thanksgiving-cornbread) we have to ask for parental consent through a "permission slip" or stating "if you prefer that your child not participate, kindly write a note ASAP". All special treats will be sent home.

The location for dismissal is the same as drop-off (the South Gate). The Half-day children will be dismissed at 11:15am. The Full-day children will be dismissed at 3:00pm. During dismissal YOU ARE allowed to step inside the gate. We ask that you congregate with the other PF-1 parents, near PF-1’s line, in order to make dismissal run smoothly.
If you will be having someone that is not a parent pick up your child, they will need to show identification. You must give me a copy of their license before they pick up your child. If there is no ID on file, they will not be dismissed with the rest of the children. Please be sure to provide the copy/permission in advance in order to make dismissal run smoothly.

**It is important to start and end the day on time. Pre-Kindergarten starts at 8:35am, and ends at 11:15am for Half-day and 3:00pm for Full-day, so please do your best to be prompt for drop-off as well as pick-up. If you are interested in Morning Care Services or After Care Services, you may contact the office and fill-out the necessary paperwork.

Important School Procedures:  
 Valet Service: (Drop-off Procedures)

Kindly remember that the roads around Notre Dame are a School Zone. Although it may not be posted, the speed limit in a school zone is no more than 20 miles per hour. Be sure to drive cautiously on the roads surrounding our school. Valet Service is an option that you may like to take advantage of. If you are opting to use the Valet Service, there are a few rules that you must follow in order to ensure the safety of the children as well as the adults on supervision. Please be sure to refer to the Valet Procedures paper that is given to you during our Parent/Teacher Orientation.

Below are a few reminders of how Valet Service is used...

1. The teachers/teacher aides will stand at "checkpoints". The "checkpoints" include one teacher at the door, one at the gate, and three teachers along the sidewalk of Mayfair Road for the cars. The teachers at the sidewalk help children out of the cars and watch as they walk to the next "checkpoint". Be sure not to block checkpoints, instead stand to the side so that all teachers are able to see all children at all times.
2. The cars must pull up to the teachers three at a time. The teacher greets the child and helps them out of the car. The cars then leave together, being cautious as to not pull around the car in front of them. Also be aware of oncoming traffic and those who are not using the Valet Service.
3. The next set of cars may pull up to the teachers when the first set leaves.
4. DO NOT let the children out of the car unattended. You have to wait for the teacher to open the car door. It is dangerous to allow any Nursery/Pre-K child to open the door and allow themselves out of the car. 
5. If you are opting to not use the Valet Line, park your car in a safe place (you may not block driveways, and you must be away from the valet line). Kindly walk your child to the South Gate. Please refrain from leaving any other children inside your car unattended.
6. When driving, be sure to follow the law. You may not park your car at a curb and face the wrong direction. It is unsafe. Always follow the rules of the road.
7. Valet Service runs from 8:35-8:45am. It is a 10 minute window. If you are running late, it is okay. If the Valet time is over, you may park your car and walk to the front of the building. The front door will be open to you. Kindly refrain from speeding in your car, or rushing and running to the side door, it is unsettling for your child, and it is not the best way to start the day. 
8. If your child is reluctant to leave the car on the Valet Line and shows a struggle, kindly pull up to a safe area, park, then walk your child to the South Gate.

Thank you to those who have followed our Valet procedures thus far. The teachers and teacher aides appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Kindly remember that the safety and well-being of the children and adults is our main concern, and it should be your's too! Valet runs very smoothly when it is used correctly. 

Additional Important Information:

  1. If you are a parent of a child with allergies (mild-severe) please let me know as soon as possible. If your child develops an allergy at any point in the school year, kindly let us know immediately and how it is treated. 

  2. Kindly remember to label EVERYTHING with your child’s name, especially jackets, lunches, snacks/drinks, backpacks. Should you ever need to send in money to the school, please have it in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s name, PF-1, and the reason for the money. Please be sure to give EXACT change.

  3. If you send in Milk Money (or any other money) please put it inside your child’s folder. DO NOT put any money inside their backpack or lunchbox as it will not be seen.

  4. For rest time (Full-day only) please only send in ONE towel labeled with your child’s name.

  5. Should you plan to pick your child up from school early, kindly write a note and place inside the folder. If a written note is received, there will be no confusion for any party involved. If your child is picked up by a person other than a parent, documented photo-ID is mandatory for the teacher and the office. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you are curious about the NY State Standards, you may pursue them at:

If you have any questions, please contact me at