1-2/Mrs. Kirsten Muccini

Welcome to Grade One,
Where We Have Monstrous Fun! 
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Check back here often for updates about what is
happening in Class 1-2 this year!

Mark your calendars!

April 24- School Reopens
April 27 - 8th Grade Confirmation/No Aftercare
May 5 - First Friday/Noon dismissal/No Aftercare
            Notre Dame Auction!

Please be sure that your child is reading each night.  It is so important that they practice reading each and every day to develop the skills learned in school.  Like anything else, mastery requires practice!!

Here's what we are learning in Class 1-2

Math- We will be introducing Chapter 8 this week. We will be working on 2 digit addition problems.  I am so excited to see the fantastic progress first grade is making in math this year!  How very exciting!

ELA- This week we will be starting Unit 4 week 4 with the theme "Insects".  We will focus on nonfiction and fantasy, opinion and point of view.

The spelling words for this week are long i words spelled "igh" and "y" and "ie":
find, kind, right, night, by, pie

Sight words:

caught, laugh, flew, listen, know, were

Science and Social Studies-  We will be continuing our unit on States of Matter this week.  Students will learn about the 3 states of matter; solid, liquid and gas.  They will also learn about the properties of matter; size, shape, color and texture.  We will be conducting several fun experiments during this unit.

Religion- Religion is incorporated into daily routines.  Students will be praying multiple times throughout the day and taught a variety of prayers and songs throughout the school year.  We are currently focusing on Jesus' Resurrection.

Please make sure to send a snack in to school each day.  Our schedule is below.  Please, also make sure your child wears sneakers on PE days.
If your child is absent, it is important that you send an absent note to school on the day he or she returns. 

Please make sure to write your child's name on the tag of his/her gym sweatshirts.  The students often take these off and mix them up!

Monday - Music 9:10,  Italian 1:00
Tuesday - PE 1:40
Wednesday - Technology 8:30 , Italian 12:30
Thursday - Art 1:00
Friday - Library 9:10

Lunch/Recess - 11:30-12:20

If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at kmuccini7211@ndsnet.org