2-2/ Ms. Anne Wachowicz

Welcome to Class 2-2!

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Here's what we are learning in Class 2-2

Monthly Book Report

Biography Book Report to be done in school. 

GO Math
Chapter 5

Cursive Letters
Upper and Lower Case: E, F, G, H
Handwriting Practice Sheets


Genre: Poetry
Stories: "Cats and Kittens" & "Beetles"
Comprehension Strategy and Skill: rereading, main topic and key details
Vocabulary Strategy: multiple meaning words
Grammar: -s and -es, irregular plural, suffixes: -ful, -less 
Weekly Vocabulary Words

Social Studies
Scientists and Inventors
Scientists and Inventors have changed the world in big and small ways.

Seven Sacraments
Sacrament Match Game
Reconciliation Prep

Act of Contrition
My God, I am sorry for my sins with
all my heart. In choosing to do
wrong and failing to do good, I have
sinned against you whom I should
love above all things. I firmly
intend, with your help, to do
penance, to sin no more, and to
avoid whatever leads me to sin.
Our Savior Jesus Christ suffered and
died for us.
In His name, my God, have mercy.