3-2/Mrs. Caitlin Gernon

Welcome to Mrs. Gernon's Third Grade! 

"Teachers Who Love Teaching, Teach Children to Love Learning."
-Robert John Meehan

*Our classroom has been transformed into a magical gallery of student work and it looks incredible!*

February 13th Religion Chapter 4 Test (Rescheduled from Snow Day)
Spelling Test (Rescheduled from Snow Day)
February 16th Math Chapter 6 Math Test
February 17th Science Quiz on Plants
February 20-24 Winter Recess
Have a relaxing and restful vacation!!
Here's what's happening in our classroom:

ELA: Our essential question for the week is "How can one person change the way you think?" We will be reading related texts discussing the vocabulary, and exploring Historical Fiction. Additionally, we will be talking about how to visualize when reading, the comprehension skill of cause and effect in a story, as well as discussing the vocabulary strategy of idioms. In phonics, we will be continuing with r-controlled vowels. In grammar, we will discuss subject-verb agreement and tenses.       

 Math: Chapter 6
Understand Division
We will be studying the beginnings of division.
Lesson 1- Model Division
Lesson 2-Size of Equal Groups
Lesson 3-Number of Equal Groups
Lesson 4-Model with Bar Models
Lesson 5-Relate Subtraction and Division
Lesson 6-Model with Arrays
Lesson 7-Relate Multiplication and Division
Lesson 8-Write Related Facts
Lesson 9-Division Rules for 1 and 0

Science: Chapter 3
Plants and Animals
Lesson 1-What Are Some Plant Life Cycles?
Lesson 2-What Are Some Animal Life Cycles?
Lesson 3-How Do Living Things Change?
Lesson 4-What are Structural Adaptations?
Lesson 5-How Can We Model a Physical Adaptation?
Lesson 6- What Are Behavioral Adaptations?

Social Studies: Chapter 2 People in Communities
Essential Question: "How do People help your community grow?"
Lesson 1-Moving to a New Community
Lesson 2-Learning New Customs
Lesson 3- Where Did They Come From?
Lesson 4- A New Life in America
Chapter Vocabulary-opportunity, immigrant, custom, ethnic group, ancestor, symbol, citizen, migration, Great Migration.

Religion: Chapter 5
We Learn About the Early Church

In this chapter the children will learn about the apostles who led the Church and about those who remained true followers of Jesus despite the risk of losing their lives.