3-2/Mrs. Caitlin Gernon

Welcome to Mrs. Gernon's Third Grade! 

"Faith formation is more than a subject being taught- it is an invitation to a way of life." 

  October 16th-  October 19th Cogat Testing
Candy Sale Continues this week
October 18th Math Ch. 1 Test
October 21st-ND Halloween Party

Here's what's happening in our classroom:

ELA: This week our essential question is "How do landmarks help us understand our country's story? Our Comprehension Skill for the week is finding the main idea and key details in the text. The comprehension strategy for the week is to continue to be able to ask and answer questions while we are reading. The genre of study is expository texts. In vocabulary, we will begin talking about multiple meaning words. We will continue to explore compound words as well as simple and compound sentences. We have begun our first formal writing project which ties in with our science unit. We will be focusing on organization, sequencing events, and using transitional words. Lastly, our phonics and fluency for the week focus on long 0: o, ow, o-e, oa, oe.  


 Math:  Addition and Subtraction Within 1,000

L1: Number Patterns
L2: Round to the Nearest Ten or Hundred
L3:Estimate Sums
L4: Mental Math Strategies for Addition
L5: Use Properties to Add
L6: Use the Break Apart Strategy to Add
L7: Use Place Value to Add
L8: Estimate Differences
L9: Mental Math Strategies for Subtraction
L10: Use Place Value to Subtract
L11: Combine Place Values to Subtract
L12: Model Addition and Subtraction

Science: Our first chapter of the year is on Plants and Animals

The big idea from the chapter is that all living things go through a cycle of growth. Living things have adaptations that help them survive in their environments.

L1: What Are Some Plant Life Cycles?
L2: What Are Some Animal Life Cycles?
L3: How Do Living Things Change?
L4: What Are  Structural Adaptations?
L5: How Can We Model a Physical Adaptation?
L6: What Are Behavioral Adaptations?

Religion: Chapter 1 God Sends Us His Own Son

In this chapter the children will learn about Jesus' life and the ways he taught us to live as his followers.

L1: God the Son became one of us.
L2: Jesus grew up in Nazareth.
L3: Jesus begins his work.
L4: Jesus shows us how to live as his followers.

Social Studies: Chapter 1

What are Communities?

L1: Communities
L2: United States Communities
L3: World Communities


Handwriting: We will begin our handwriting unit for the year by reviewing basic manuscript which will lay the foundation for the start of our cursive unit.