3-2/Mrs. Caitlin Gernon

Welcome to Mrs. Gernon's Third Grade! 

"Faith formation is more than a subject being taught- it is an invitation to a way of life." 

  May 23 Math Ch.9 -Math Test
June 1-School Picnic

Here's what's happening in our classroom:

ELA: This week our essential question is "What do good citizens do?" Our spelling words focus on inflectional endings. Our comprehension strategy is to ask and answer questions. We will revisit author's point of view. The vocabulary strategy for the week is prefixes and suffixes. The genre of study this week is biographies. We will also target other skills such as reflexive pronouns. 

 Math Chapter 9:

L1: Problem Solving- Compare Fractions
L2: Compare Fractions with the Same Denominator
L3: Compare Fractions with the Same Numerator
L4: Compare Fractions
L5: Compare and Order Fractions
L6: Model Equivalent Fractions
L7:Equivalent Fractions

Science:  Changes to Earth's Surface

L1: What Are Some Landforms?
L2: How Does Earth's Surface Change Slowly?
L3: How Can We Model Erosion?
L4: How Does Earth's Surface Change Quickly?

Religion: Chapter 9 The Church Teaches Us

In this chapter the children will learn more about the Church and the ways in which the Church teaches us.

L1: The Church is the Body od Christ and the People of God.
L2: We profess our faith through the Apostles' Creed.
L3: The Holy Spirit guides the Church.
L4: The Church continues to teach the true message of Jesus.

Social Studies: Chapter 5

Community Environments

L1: What is your Community's Environment?
L2: Living in Different Climates
L3: Communities and Resources