3-2/Mrs. Caitlin Gernon

Snowflake.pngWelcome to Mrs. Gernon's Third Grade! 

"Faith formation is more than a subject being taught- it is an invitation to a way of life." 

  February 6th Math Ch.5 -Math Test
Daily Multiplication Math Mad Minute Test

Here's what's happening in our classroom:

ELA: This week our essential question is "How can one person change the way you think?" Our spelling words focus on r-controlled vowels. Our comprehension strategy is to visualize and make mental pictures when reading. We will revisit cause and effect. The vocabulary strategy for the week is idioms. The genre of study this week is historical fiction. We will continue to discuss prefixes including un-, re-, and pre-.

 Math Chapter 6:

L1: Problem Solving- Model Division
L2: Size of Equal Groups
L3: Number of Equal Groups
L4: Model with Bar Models
L5: Relate Subtraction and Division
L6: Model with Arrays
L7: Relate Multiplication and Division
L8: Write Related Facts
L9: Division Rules for 1 and 0


Science:  Ecosystems and Interactions

The big idea from the chapter is that all living, once-living, and nonliving things interact in an ecosystem. All living things need energy to survive and grow.

L1: What Are Ecosystems?
L2: What's in an Ecosystem?
L3: What is a Food Chain?
L4: What Are Some Food Chains?
L5: How Do Environmental Changes Affect Living Things?

Religion: Chapter 4 The Church Begins

In this chapter the children will learn about the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost and about the growth of the early Church.

L1: Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit
L2: The Holy Spirit comes to the disciples.
L3: The Church begins on Pentecost.
L4: The early Church grows.

Social Studies: Chapter 3

People Move from Place to Place

L1: Moving to a New Community
L2: Learning New Customs
L3: Where Did They Come From?
L4: A New Life in America