3-2/Mrs. Caitlin Gernon

Welcome to Mrs. Gernon's Third Grade! 

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"Faith formation is more than a subject being taught- it is an invitation to a way of life." 

  January 12th-Science Test
Spelling Test
Weekly Math Mad Minute Test
January 22nd- Bookmark Project Due
January 24th-Communities Project Due

Here's what's happening in our classroom:

ELA: This week we are continuing our unit from last week due to the shortened week last week. Our essential question is "How can people help animals survive?" Our spelling words focus on 3 letter blends. Our comprehension strategy is to remember to reread. We will revisit author's point of view. The vocabulary strategy fort he week is suffixes. The genre of study this week is expository texts. We will briefly discuss closed syllables and subject nouns too!

 Math Chapter 4:

L1: Multiply with 2 and 4
L2: Multiply with 5 and 10
L3: Multiply with 3 and 6
L4: Distributive Property
L5: Multiply with 7
L6: Associative Property of Multiplication
L7: Patterns on the Multiplication Table
L8: Multiply with 8
L9: Multiply with 9
L10: Problem Solving

Science:  Plants and Animals

The big idea from the chapter is that all living things go through a cycle of growth. Living things have adaptations that help them survive in their environments.

L1: What Are Some Plant Life Cycles?
L2: What Are Some Animal Life Cycles?
L3: How Do Living Things Change?
L4: What Are  Structural Adaptations?
L5: How Can We Model a Physical Adaptation?
L6: What Are Behavioral Adaptations?

Religion: Chapter 3 Christ Will Come Again

In this chapter the children will learn about the last judgement and that Jesus taught us to love others.

L1: Jesus has power over life and death
L2: Jesus will come again
L3: When Jesus Christ comes again, he will judge all people
L4: Jesus teaches us to love others

Social Studies: Chapter 2

Kinds of Communities

L1: A Rural Community
L2: A Suburban Community
L3: An Urban Community