4-1/Mrs. Michelle Saccone

Welcome to Class 4-1    2016-2017
Mrs. Saccone:    Math, Science, Religion

"Every child is someone else's whole world!"

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This is my 18th year teaching and my seventh year at Notre Dame. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl playing school with my Grandpa. I am the mommy to my beautiful 4 year old daughter, Gianna. I am looking forward to an exciting year sharing in both your child's educational and spiritual growth. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me at msaccone7211@ndsnet.org

School Reopens: Monday, Feb. 27th
Friday, March 3rd: 12:00 Dismissal

*Please be sure to send a note in if there is a change in your child's dismissal. It is greatly appreciated.

*If you could spare a package of construction paper, it would be greatly appreciated.

Week of Feb. 27th

We are beginning our next chapter on fractions. I have a lot fun activities planned. We will begin learning about equivalent fractions and putting fractions into simplest form. We will create equivalent fraction puzzles and learn a new song called "Simplfy Me." Students should be studying times tables every night. They should already be mastered upon entering grade four.

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​The next unit will be on plants. We will complete a lab using celery and after February break begin to plan in our class planter.

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  We will finish our unit on the first commandment. We will also begin our Lenten activities. Students will be keeping a Lenten calendar. We will also begin a writing piece on what Lent means to us.  
Students should also begin looking for extra credit articles on "good Samaritans." This will count as extra credit.We also have a class prayer board. Every Monday, students will write on a post it who they would like to pray for and post it to the prayer board. We will then begin chapter one.

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1. A note must be sent in if there is any change in your child's dismissal. I cannot take the child's word.
2. Students may bring in a light and healthy snack.
3. Gym is on Tuesdays. Don't forget gym uniform and sneakers.
4. Take Home Folders should be checked and emptied each night.

Mondays: Technology 9:10
Tuesdays: Physical Education 8:30
Wednesdays: Spanish 8:30, Art 1:40
Thursdays: Library 9:10
Fridays: Music 8:30