4-2/Ms. Jillian Ra

Welcome to Fourth Grade 
Reading, Writing, and Social Studies!

We are currently doing a novel study on No Talking by Andrew Clements.  Throughout the reading of this novel we are exploring two opposing points of view and how the decisions of the characters can effect the outcome of the book.  We are working in book clubs to discuss, analyze, infer, and connect to different events that are happening in the text.  


We are working on creating original books that give tips, advice, and memories of the year in fourth grade.  When our books are completed each student will share their books with a third grader so they know what to expect in September.    


We are learning all about the Civil War and New York's role in the war.  We are discussing Abraham Lincoln's decisions during this time and how it effected the events that were occurring.  We will complete a Civil War web quest so that we can explore people's first hand account of life at that time.  

Did you know 4th grade students can receive free admission into national parks? Please follow this link for more information:  https://www.everykidinapark.gov/how-it-works/

 If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at anytime email: jra7211@ndsnet.org


Thursday, May 25 Ascension Thursday, No School
Monday, May 29, Memorial Day, No School