7-2 Ms. Jacqueline Kucich


I teach 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies and 7th Grade Literature. The Social Studies curriculum in Junior High, as mandated by New York State and the Diocese of Rockville Centre, is the study of American History and Government.  In 7th Grade, we explore history from the time that the earliest humans inhabited North America, through the colonial period, the formation of the United States and its constitutional government, and the challenges faced by the young nation up to the Civil War. In 8th Grade, we cover our history from the Civil War period, through the periods of industrialization and immigration, the evolution of the United States into a world power, and the many demands of the modern era.  We will enhance and deepen our exploration of these topics through the use of primary source readings, maps, charts, graphs, paintings, photographs, and video. 

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We read and work with a variety genres in our Literature class in 7th Grade. We will read at least one novel each trimester, and also work with short stories, drama, and poetry from our Literature text.

You can contact me via jkucich7211@ndsnet.org.

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