7-1/Mrs. Mary Nish

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Dear Lord Jesus Christ, right before your Ascension into heaven you told your apostles to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth upon receiving the Holy Spirit. May I be similarly inspired to spread your Gospel message in word and deed, according to your will for me. And may I do so prudently and joyfully, with your help, your guidance, and your grace! And remembering this glorious event, help me to seek what is above, Heaven, where you are seated at the right hand of God the Father!

*  Please check the calendar page for each class and remember to access Google Classroom.


The Seventh Graders are learning the about biomes. They are also focusing on different cycles, such as the water, nitrogen, and carbon cycle.  In addition, they are reviewing the interactions between food chains and webs.  The students just finished a lab where they created a food chain and demonstrated how other lab students' food chains can work together as a food web.                                                          

The Eighth Graders have just finished their study of the properties light and the electromagnetic spectrum.  Their lab introduced them to how visible light is seen by people.   In addition, they experimented with reflections of light off different objects.


We are off to an exciting and educational year!  The seventh graders will be concentrating their studies on Life Science.  The eighth graders will be focusing on Physical Science, which highlights chemistry and physics.  Students will be utilizing their Chromebooks to access Google classroom.  

I am very happy and honored to start my second year at Notre Dame School.  I have taught science and religion for a total of 11 years.  Besides being an attorney, I also hold a masters in education.  

I look forward to teaching my students to continue to reach for their dreams!