7th grade ELA


Illustration Of Books.jpg Welcome to 7th grade ELA.  Get ready to learn!
This week we will start reading selection 2 in our vocabulary books.  We will continue working on  reading the selection and the skill of highlighting important information.  For each reading selection students will be required to complete vocab index cards.  We went over the format for the index cards last week and students made a sample card.   We will also begin to work on ways to vary sentence beginnings. We will how to start a sentence using adverbs, prepositional phrases, and participial phrases.
7th graders began using their Chromebooks in ELA.  Students were given the option to take their notes in their notebooks or to use a google doc.  We also started using google classroom- please ask your child about this.  

We will also continue reviewing different types of nouns. This week we are working on collective and compound nouns. 

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