Health/Ms. Kristina LoCastro

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2015 - 2016

Bring Health Textbook and Notebook to class each day.

6th Grade:  Currently learning about the Cardiovascular System.  How the system works, and how the heart pumps blood throughout our body.

​7th Grade:​  The students are learning about the Digestive System and the Respiratory System.  In class we are learning all the different parts of each system and what their function is for that specific system.

​8th Grade:​  In class we are continuing our Body Image unit learning what could happen if you have a negative body image, different eating disorders and how they affect people that develop them and also we will be learning about our BMI (Body Mass Index).  This is the measurement that allows you to assess your body size, taking your height and weight into account.  There are a few different ways to measure for your BMI.