Library/Mrs. Patricia Swedenberg

    I am so excited to take many reading adventures with the children.
In Library class at Notre Dame School, the children read a balance of informational and literary texts. Instruction is based on grade appropriate text and questioning and conversations about the text. The program systematically addresses all of the Common Core Learning Standards across the four core strands of ELA – reading, writing, speaking and listening

I will  be doing my very best to get (or keep) your children “hooked on reading” by recommending specific reading materials too.


Our Pre K classes will visit the library once a week. They will come for story time and be able to take picture walks with pre selected books.
 During the next few weeks the Kindergarten and 1st grade children will be introduced to the procedures and rules of the library. We will tour the library on each visit so the children come comfortable when looking for books. We will also practice the "5 finger rule" to find the book that is just right to read.
It can be a jungle out there in the library if you don't know your way. Children in grades 3-4 will answer questions as they maneuver around the library to see how it is organized.
Students will use information literacy skills to search for answers. Reference, fiction and non fiction materials are included.

Reading at home makes a big difference!

Things you can do to help your child;

Beginning readers should follow along with their finger on the words. Have them try to sound out unfamiliar words. Help after they have tried. Do not tell them the word immediately.
Be patient! Remember they are just learning.
Reread all their favorite books. This will help with word recognition, fluency and speed.

Read with your child (you read one page and your child reads the next page)

Allow your child pick out the book to read.

Ask  questions about what your child has just read. Why do you think that happened? What do you think will happen next?

When shopping have your child read the grocery list and help you find the item. This might make the shopping trip a little longer but the results are worth it.

Praise! Praise! Praise!

The Library is open during school hours and usually before and after school.  

-Books circulate for one week to students.

-Books must be brought to the library to be renewed.

-Students please keep your books in a safe place, handle them with care, and accept responsibility for returning the book(s).

-Parents and students are responsible for damaged books.

Get Caught Reading is a nationwide campaign to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read. helps kids select books that appeal to them by offering kid-friendly reviews and information about children's books and authors. The information is searchable by author, series, and special features. The companion site focuses on young adult literature.           

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