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A heartfelt thank you to our Notre Dame parents for making our book fair such a huge success!

In Library class at Notre Dame School, the children read a balance of informational and literary texts. Instruction is based on grade appropriate text and questioning and conversations about the text. The program systematically addresses all of the Common Core Learning Standards across the four core strands of ELA – reading, writing, speaking and listening
During the next few weeks in library class we will be discussing Dr. Seuss. Not only do Dr. Seuss' imaginative stories make reading and learning fun, they also spark lively discussions about conservation, greed, perseverance and self-discovery.

During the next several weeks, the children in grades K-3 will be listening to and discussing different books written by Dr. Seuss.  They will also have an opportunity to read their favorite Dr. Seuss book. 
Dr. Seuss challenges young readers to be knowledgeable, curious and thoughtful about the world around them. I will be sharing the book The Lorax with the students. This is a way to start a conversation about protecting the environment and caring for our surroundings.

Another book we will read is Oh, The Places You'll Go 
We will discuss which places they have been to and places they would like to visit. What makes a destination likable or unlikable? Which books have they read with settings - realistic or imaginary- they would like to visit?  
Horray For Diffendoofer Day  is a story about creative teaching and thinking. It is a tale that celebrates originality, difference, and uniqueness. It is a book that lends itself to the exploration of a place that is the center of a young child's life - school and learning.
I will introduce several quotes from Dr. Seuss to the children in 4th grade. We will discuss each quote. the children will work in groups to discuss what they think Dr. Seuss meant by each quote. 
In creative writing in 2nd grade the students are writing about what makes a good friend. They first listened to the story Mr. Peabody's Apples and we discussed rumors and the power of words.
the 3rd grade students are writing letters to President Trump about an issue they think is important and why. 

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