N-1/Mrs. Elizabeth Pellettiere

Welcome Little Scholars! Class Of 2018-2019

week, the children explored the rules of friendship. How do we live Jesus' message of loving/kindness? We learned that friends share, friends use kind words and friends help one another. In our little Nursery community we practice these golden rules in a very practical way.

Some important considerations:

Valet has begun. Kindly refer to the handout given out at the Orientation regarding Valet safety rules. 

Gym is on Monday. Please wear sneakers! Next week, we will study the color yellow and the square. Kindly wear something yellow to school on Monday.

Show and Tell is on Wednesday. Please send in something that is yellow or shaped like a square.

Friday, October 5th-Half Day of School. All children will be dismissed at 11:00 from the front school doors.

Monday, October 8th-Columbus Day School Is Closed

Friday, October 26th-Professional Day School Is Closed

Themes for the month of September:

Week One-Getting To Know Nursery School!
Week Two-Getting To Know Ourselves-All About Me!
Week Three-Getting To Know Each Other-Friendship!
Week Four-Welcome Fall!-It's Apple Time!

Next week, as part of our Fall focus the children will study apples. We will learn how apples grow and all about the many varieties. Our literature, art, songs and extension activities will all involve the humble apple.

On Friday, September 28th, we will have an apple tasting. We will sample red, yellow and green apples. Please return the permission slip indicating whether your child may participate in the tasting.

This week the children will:

*Explore geometry as we study the four sided square.
*Create bright yellow sunflowers.
*Care for the bean seeds we planted individually and in our classroom planter.
*Learn about the life cycle of the apple.
*Explore the many varieties of apples.
*Have an apple tasting. We will count how many children like each variety.
*Play games that will teach us about colors and shapes.
*Listen to stories that teach us how apples grow.
*Strengthen our fine motor skills as we "pick" apples with tweezers.
*Create apple inspired art.
*Count, sort and classify.
*Practice sharing and taking turns.
*Practice walking on a line.
*Practice using language to express ourselves.
*Have many sing-a-longs.

*Have lots of fun!

God Bless,
Ms. Pellettiere

Teacher's Prayer
Lord, please help me to strengthen their voices,
bodies and minds,
to express their feelings and to guide them gently,
to explore what's near,
and venture afar, but
most important to love who they are.



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