N-1/Mrs. Elizabeth Pellettiere

Welcome back to school!
This week the Little Scholars will delve deeper into the wondrous season of winter. We will study the water cycle and learn how snow and ice are made. We will discover what happens when ice melts. In the art center, art will imitate life as we create snowpeople and snowflakes. The artists will also capture the beauty of snow covered trees!

Some important considerations:

Kindly refer to the handout given out at the Orientation regarding Valet safety rules. 

Gym is every Monday. Please wear sneakers! 

Next week, will continue our Letter/Number study with the letter G and the number 7.

Show and Tell is on Wednesday. Kindly send in something that begins with the letter G.

Some special reminders for the month of January:

Friday, January 18th-Nursery Parent/Teacher Conferences. There will be no school for Nursery children on this day. I look forward to discussing your child's wonderful growth and progress.

Thursday, January 24th-Picture Retake Day. Kindly note that if you would like your child's picture retaken you must return the pictures previously taken.

Sunday, January 27th-Catholic School Week begins. Family Mass at 9:00. There will be an Open House afterwards. I hope to see you there!
Kindly keep the handout that details the events of the week handy.

Themes for the month of  January:

Week One-Letter E/Number 5-Winter! What can we expect? How do people and animals adapt?
Week Two-Letter F/Number 6-Marvelous Mittens/Our Feathered Friends!
Week Three-Letter G/Number 7-The Water Cycle-Snow and Ice/Snowpeople
Week Five-Letter H/Number 8-Arctic Animals-Polar Bears/Penguins

When we return the
children will:
*study  the letter G. We will cut and decorate the letter with green paper.
*add another page to our number book as we count and make sets of 7 objects.
*learn how snow and ice are formed.
*observe the effects of warm air on our classroom iceberg.
*create special snowflakes because God has made us all unique and special.
*play very quietly as our bears slumber in our classroom cave.
*learn about spatial relationships as we explore the concept of small, bigger and biggest.
*create textured snowpeople--we will sculpt 3D noses out of modeling clay.
*create beautiful Ansel Adams snow covered trees.
*play games that will teach us how to recognize letters.
*practice counting using one to one correspondence.
*practice cutting with scissors.
*count, sort and classify.
*practice sharing and taking turns.
*practice walking on a line.

*practice using language to express ourselves.
*Have lots of fun!

God Bless,

Ms. Pellettiere

Teacher's Prayer
Lord, please help me to strengthen their voices,
bodies and minds,
to express their feelings and to guide them gently,
to explore what's near,
and venture afar, but
most important to love who they are.



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