PK-2/Mrs. Wendy Puello

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This week's theme:
Earth Day
Mother's Day crafts
 Word making
Letter X
*We would greatly appreciate any donations of recycled materials such as: egg cartons, toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, bottle tops, empty cereal boxes etc...
Thank You! 

 Thursday, May 9 (9am)- Mother's Day class party
Friday, May 10 (7pm)- Auction Dinner
Wednesday, June 12 (9am)- Step Up Ceremony 

Hot lunch
 Hot lunch is available to Pre-K students.  If you would like to order lunch for your child, please be sure to put EXACT change in an envelope in his or her folder that morning.  The lunch menu can be found on the main homepage (  

To make sure the children are prepared for a full day of school please have the following items packed in your child’s backpack: folder, lunch, labeled snack, rest time blanket and crib sheet.  (Students who attend the Half-day program need to have ONLY their folder packed in their backpack).

Each Friday, students will bring home a newsletter detailing our activities for that week and providing an overview of the upcoming week.  Please be sure to read it each week so that you will be aware of all important events.

Show and Tell
Every Friday the students are invited to bring in a picture or an object beginning with the letter of that week.  One week it will be girls week to share and the following will be the boys turn.  If for any reason we will not have show and tell for that week I will send a reminder. This week is show and tell for the girls, they can bring in a picture or object that begins with the letter Jj.  Thank you to all parents in helping your child participate in our show and tell.  

Drop-off Procedures
Student arrival is between 8:35-8:45.  Valet Services will begin on September 17.  If you choose to utilize valet services, please follow valet safety rules and guidelines found in the paper packet distributed at orientation.  If you would like to escort your child to the gate please find a safe parking spot that is not cutting in front of the valet line, blocking a drive way, or blocking cars from passing by.  Please drive with caution and allow extra time in the morning to assure a safe, non-rushed drop-off. 

Dismissal Procedures

The location for dismissal is the same as drop-off (the South Gate near playgrounds).

The Half-day children will be dismissed at 11:15am. 
The Full-day children will be dismissed at 3:00pm. 

If someone that is not a usual pick up, they will need to show identification. You must provide a copy of their license before they pick up your child. If there is no ID on file or if I am not aware of this change your child will not be dismissed.  Please be sure to provide the copy/permission in advance in order for dismissal run smoothly

**It is important to start and end the day on time. Pre-Kindergarten starts at 8:45am, and ends at 11:15am for Half-day and 3:00pm for Full-day, so please do your best to be prompt for drop-off as well as pick-up. If you are interested in Morning Care Services or After Care Services, you may contact the office and fill-out the necessary paperwork.


Please find the time to go over your home address and phone number with your child.  Not only will we be asking students this information for the Assessments, but it is for their safety to know their address and telephone number if they are ever asked. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can email me at or via REMIND app.