1-1 Mrs. Gloria Asaro

Mrs. Asaro's 
First Grade Class!

Happy New Year! 


The Winter Uniform has begun.  Please make sure the boys are wearing the uniform long pants and girls are wearing the jumper.  Thank You!   

Reminder...if your child goes to Aftercare on a half day, hot lunch is not available.  You must send in a lunch and drink from home.

If you are planning to send your child to the after-care program, you must make sure that you have sent in the appropriate paperwork.  More information can be found on our school website.

**Lunch Menu change - Thursday's lunch will now be Meatball or Chicken Parmesan with garlic bread.  The cost is $4.00.**

Important Dates - 
Tuesday, January 15 - Eighth Grade Bake Sale

Monday, January 21 - Dr. Martin Luther King Day - No School
Thursday, January 24 - Individual Picture Re-take Day
Sunday, January 27 - Catholic Schools Week Mass, 9:00am. Open House 10:00 - 1:00.
Friday, February 1 - 12:00 Noon Dismissal After-care is available.  First Friday Mass - 10:45.  All are welcome.
Saturday, February 9 - Sweetheart Dance
Tuesday, February 12 - Eighth Grade Bake Sale
Monday, February 18 through Friday, February 22 - Winter Recess
 Raz-Kids.com is an excellent resource for building reading skills.  Each student works at his/her level to read books and answer comprehension questions.  They can earn stars as incentives that they can use to build robots and rocket ships.  Please take some time to sit with your child and explore this great resource.  The children are all very excited about this! 
Please be sure that your child is reading each night.  It is so important that they practice reading each and every day to develop the skills learned in school.  Like anything else, mastery requires practice!!


What We Are Learning in Class 1-1

Math - Chapter 5 Addition and Subtraction Relationships

In this chapter, the students will extend their understanding of addition and subtraction by relating these two operations to one another.  They will identify related addition and subtraction facts and use these facts to find the unknown number.  The students will also use addition to check their subtraction by recognizing the inverse relationship between both operations.  This skill will make memorizing basic facts easier.  As always, we will also be working on solving word problems by choosing the correct operation to solve the problem, addition or subtraction.  

It is very important for the children to keep practicing their addition and subtraction facts within ten!  Knowing these facts will help them immensely. There are many math apps where the children can practice these facts or you can simple make flashcards for practice.  We have been playing many different games in school to help the students with fluency of addition facts within ten.   


Wonders - Unit 3 - Week 2

 Essential Question - What do animals do in the winter?

Books - "Hibernation" by Margaret Hall "Hibernation Station" by Michelle Meadows, "Over and Under the Snow" by Kate Messner, "Animals in Winter" by Henrietta Bancroft.  

Genre - Informational

Skills - Long i with silent e and plurals  

Comprehension Strategy - Key Details and plot sequence

Writing - Students will become authors and illustrators!  This week, the students will be writing an opinion piece of their favorite woodland animal giving facts to support their opinions.  As always, they will continue to write stories using complete sentences that include a capital letter in the beginning, spaces between each word and punctuation at the end. At this time of the year, the students will begin to be encouraged to write three sentences on one topic.  This will help them build stamina during writing time! 

Religion - Chapter 4 - Jesus Works Among the People

In this chapter, the students will learn that John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin, helped the people get ready for Jesus. God gave John an important message to share.  John told the people to put God first in their lives.  The students will also learn that Jesus shared God's love with all people and he watches over us and cares for us.  The children will hear the scripture stories Luke 19:1-5 and Matthew 20:29-33.  They will learn that Jesus treated all people with respect, Jesus helped all people and shared the news of God's love with everyone.  The children will make an "I Am Important to God" medallion.

Sunday, January 6 is the feast of the Epiphany.  This marks the day when the Three Wise Men visited baby Jesus, bearing gifts for the newborn King.  Students will listen to the scripture story of the Visit of the Magi (Matthew 2:1-12) and create a craft.


Students will continue their lessons on inquiry skills.  This week we will explore with "Scientist Doug" from our mystery science lessons. We will discover why it gets cold in the winter and what is the coldest place on earth.  The children will also be exploring how to measure temperature using a thermometer.  We will be conducting a science experiment with our friends in class 1-2 by measuring the temperature of ice cold water, room temperature water and hot water.

Please check your child's folder regularly as there are important notices going home with the children daily.

Please make sure to send a snack in to school each day. 

Students are to wear their gym uniform as well as white or black sneakers on gym days.  
Please make sure to write your child's name on the tag of his/her gym sweatshirts.  The students often take these off and mix them up!

If your child is absent, it is important that you send an absent note to school on the day he or she returns.  

Our Specials:  

Monday- Music and Italian
Tuesday- Gym
Wednesday- Library and Italian
Thursday-  Art
Friday- Technology

Students are to wear their Gym uniform as well as white or black sneakers on Gym days.

Please note:
*Please be sure to check your child's folder regularly as there are constantly important notices going home with the children
*Please clearly label all of your child's school supplies and clothing that comes to school.
*Please send in a note if there will be a change in your child's dismissal
*If you child is absent, please be sure to send a note with your child the following day. 
*Please provide your children with a 'light and healthy" snack for the morning.

I am always happy to hear from parents and can be reached through email or phone.  I will be sure to respond in a timely fashion and will be happy to meet with anyone who has any questions or concerns. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at gasaro7211@ndsnet.org

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