3-2/Mrs. Pamela Asmus

Welcome to 3-2


Here's what's happening in our classroom:

:   We will begin Unit 2 Week 3 in Wonders. We will be discussing our essential question: How do people make government work? while reading expository texts. We will learn about author's point of view, and prefixes.
Vocabulary words: announced, candidates, convince, decisions, elect, estimate, government, independent
Spelling: Words will contain Silent Letters
1. wrap       2. wrists     3. wrote   4. wreck  5. wring
6. write  7. wreath   8. knit    9. knife  10. knight
11.  knock   12.   knee   13. gnome  14. sign
15. gnaws 16. heel   17. weak  18. field
19. wristwatch  20.  knapsack
**You can log into Spelling City to practice the spelling words.**
Grammar: We will work on irregular plural and collective nouns.
ELA assessment on Friday, Jan. 18th.

  We will have Chapter 5 assessment on Tuesday, January 15th.  We will begin Chapter 6: Understand Division. It is important that the children memorize their facts. Flash cards and games are great ways to reinforce the facts. 

We be continue learning about life cycles.

We will be learning about Jesus' Baptism and discussing our Baptisms.

Social Studies: 
We will have our Chapter 1 assessment on Wednesday, January 16th. We will begin Chapter 2 and learn about different types of communities: Suburban, Urban, and Rural.
Community Project is due January 23rd. Please see information sheet sent home before Christmas.

Book Club Orders
  January 11th orders have been placed.
Our class code is H4Y8J.

    Our Specials__
              Monday      Language and Music
Tuesday                       Art
Wednesday                Library
   Thursday             Technology
Friday                        Gym