4-1/Mrs. Michelle Saccone

Welcome to Class 4-1    2018-2019
Mrs. Saccone:    Math, Social Studies, R

"Every child is someone else's whole world!" 
"Teach like the teacher you want your own child to have!"


Welcome to Class 4-1: Mrs. Saccone's Class!

Monday, January 21st: Martin Luther King- No School
Catholic Schools Week Parent sheet due Thursday, January 24th
January 24th: Social Studies Projects due!
Sunday, January 27th: Catholic Schools Week begins. Mass is at 9am followed by Open House from 10-1. Please come and visit our classroom. A schedule went home of the week's events.

This is my 20th year teaching and my ninth year at Notre Dame. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl playing school with my Grandpa. I am the mommy to my beautiful 5 year old daughter, Gianna. I am looking forward to an exciting year sharing in both your child's educational and spiritual growth. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me at: msaccone7211@ndsnet.org

*I am happy to say that 4th grade will be getting chromebooks this year. Once we are all set up, I invite you to join our "Google Classroom" link. There will be a lot going on in google classroom so I encourage all of you to join once we are ready so you can be updated with the many things going on in our classroom. Please keep checking this class page for for further info.

Week of JANUARY 21st
We have spent the week learning all about interpreting remainders  and have been introduced to our first division strategy of partial quotients. This week, we will learn long and short division. 
** Students must know times tables fluently at this point. Students should also be working on IXL for at least 15 minutes each night. I try to work on times tables for 5 minutes each day playing "Around the World" but it is imperative if your child has not mastered all the facts, they must work on them at home.
This year, the fourth grade will have a big focus on multiplying and dividing numbers starting small and working our way to larger numbers. We will learn several strategies for each. Midyear, we spend a great deal of time on fractions. This year, we will also focus on strategies in solving multistep word problems.
 We will have "mad minute drills" each Friday. Students must master a fact to advance to the next one. Keep practicing times tables. Students must study times tables each night. We also work on "Spiral Review" questions each day to reinforce concepts we have learned all through the year and do "Number Talks" a few times a week! We are constantly using manipulatives, working in groups, and playing many math games.

Students used the chromebooks this week to research the loyalists and patriots and the reasons why one chose to be on either side. Students have randomly selected and are researching someone that played a major role in the revolution. These projects are due on Thursday, January 24th and will be presented during Catholic Schools Week. 
I love 4th grade Social Studies. We learn all about New York State. We begin with the geography of NY. Some of the other topics we cover are: European explorers,  The American Revolution, Colonial America, Civil Rights, Government, Immigration. We do many projects on different topics and we will be using the chromebooks for many activities and research.

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We will begin Chapter 5 and learn more about Reconciliation. We will review the Act of Contrition.
Religion is a very important part of our day. The focus of the year is on the Ten Commandments. We will study each in depth and students will leave 4th grade understanding what each one is, what it means and how to follow it. We study all holy days. We will be keeping a prayer board in our class where each Monday, we will write intentions and keep them on the prayer board for the week. We study the saints and performed a "Living Museum" last month.

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1. A note must be sent in if there is any change in your child's dismissal. I cannot take the child's word.
2. Students may bring in a light and healthy snack.
3. Gym is on: Tuesdays
4. Take Home Folders should be checked and emptied each night.

Mondays: Technology
Tuesdays: Physical Education
Wednesdays: Language, Art
Thursdays: Library
Fridays: Music