7-1/Mrs. Mary Nish

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*  Please check the calendar page for each class and remember to access Google Classroom.

*  Congratulations to the Eighth Graders for receiving their Sacrament of Confirmation!  


The Seventh Graders are learning the about the plant kingdom. They are focusing on plant structure, such as leaves, roots and stems.  In addition, they are comparing and contrasting plants that produce only seeds and plants that produce seeds and flowers.  The students just finished a lab where they dissected and analyzed plant reproduction systems.                                                          

The Eighth Graders have just finished their study of the properties of waves. They used a mathematical formula to calculate speed, wavelength, and frequency.   During their lab, they acted as seismologists and predicted the occurrence of an earthquake by  using "S" and "P" waves. 


We are off to an exciting and educational year!  The seventh graders will be concentrating their studies on Life Science.  The eighth graders will be focusing on Physical Science, which highlights chemistry and physics.  Students will be utilizing their Chromebooks to access Google classroom.  

I am very happy and honored to start my second year at Notre Dame School.  I have taught science and religion for a total of 11 years.  Besides being an attorney, I also hold a masters in education.  

I look forward to teaching my students to continue to reach for their dreams!