7-1/Mrs. Mary Nish

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Come, O Holy Spirit, come! From Your bright and blissful Home Rays of healing light impart. Come, Father of the poor, Source of gifts that will endure Light of ev'ry human heart. 

You of all consolers best, Of the soul most kindly Guest, Quick'ning courage do bestow. 

In hard labor You are rest, In the heat You refresh best, And solace give in our woe. 

O most blessed Light divine, Let Your radiance in us shine, And our inmost being fill. 

Nothing good by man is thought, Nothing right by him is wrought, When he spurns Your gracious Will. 

Cleanse our souls from sinful stain, Lave our dryness with Your rain, Heal our wounds and mend our way. 

Bend the stubborn heart and will, Melt the frozen, warm the chill, Guide the steps that go astray. 

On the faithful who in You, Trust with childlike piety, Deign Your sevenfold gift to send. 

Give them virtue's rich increase, Saving grace to die in peace, Give them joys that never end. Amen. Alleluia.

*  Please check the calendar page for each class and remember to access Google Classroom.


The Seventh Graders are learning the about human body systems, such as the digestive, respiratory, and cardiac/blood systems. The students will participate in a lab where they will check their cardiac systems under different conditions!    There will be a test on Monday, June 10, 2019.                                                      

The Eighth Graders are just about done!  We will end the year with an introduction to high school chemistry and physics!

Remember to bring in your science textbook from home this week!


We are off to an exciting and educational year!  The seventh graders will be concentrating their studies on Life Science.  The eighth graders will be focusing on Physical Science, which highlights chemistry and physics.  Students will be utilizing their Chromebooks to access Google classroom.  

I am very happy and honored to start my second year at Notre Dame School.  I have taught science and religion for a total of 11 years.  Besides being an attorney, I also hold a masters in education.  

I look forward to teaching my students to continue to reach for their dreams!