Special Content Subjects

Students at Notre Dame School enjoy a variety of Special Content, enriching subjects.  All students from PK through Grade 8 participate in Art, Physical Education and Technology.  Students from Nursery through Grade 5 visit our library as a class.  Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 participate in Italian classes, thanks to a generous grant from the Italian Embassy.  Students in grades 6-8 attend Spanish classes twice per week, as well as Health class weekly.  Nursery students attend Physical Education classes.

All students from k-8 enjoy recess, supervised by one of our teachers, as well as parent volunteers.  

Art is exciting in all grades. The PK completes projects that involve shapes and painting. Kindergarten and first grades are involved in literature based projects. Artists and their styles are integrated into many of the activities in all the grades. The fourth through sixth grades do many multicultural and social studies related projects. The seventh and eighth grades do drawings in a sketch book. In all the activities the elements and principles of art are stressed. Our Art teacher integrates different artists, cultures and literature into her classes.

Italian is offered to our students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 as a result of our being the recipients of a grant from the Italian Embassy.  Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 have class on Monday and Wednesday afternoon.  Students in Grades 2-5 may opt to stay after school on those days to attend class.  Senora Valle, a native speaker, teaches the children and organizes a presentation for parents twice each year.  

The library program at Notre Dame School promotes a love of reading, encourages curiosity and develops skills that are necessary for critical thinking and life-long learning. The students enjoy weekly library classes that encourage creativity and independent reading. The students are exposed to a large variety of literature and genres through storytelling and follow up activities. 

Music The music cart rolls into the classroom ready with lessons created for singing, dancing and playing instruments.  In music class students learn to play the recorder, ukulele and xylophone, and sing at School Masses.  Having the smart board available is a wonderful tool to use especially when teaching the recorder. Students view demonstrations and the lessons continue with compositions and exercises.  Our primary classes are keeping a steady beat and tapping out rhythms. They also engage in seasonal finger plays and songs.

Physical Education Our Physical Education teacher plays all kinds of games, teaches important skills, coordinates the games at our annual School Picnic, organizes our Blue and White competition, teaches Health to grades Five through Eight and stresses good sportsmanship.

Spanish Spanish instruction occurs twice a week, to grades 6-8. Students participate in an original curriculum that is aligned with the NYS LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Learning Standards and the National Foreign Language Standards.  We focus on meaningful communication; students are 
encouraged to first understand and then to produce the language.  
Thematic and essential vocabulary are 
stressed in each unit,  and basic grammar principles are intuitively grasped through story,  songs, games, activities, and assessments. The rich culture and traditions of the Spanish  language are explored throughout the year and integrated into the curriculum;  through  suggested activities and assessments and meaningful, project-based activities.

Technology Students use PowerPoint in Technology classes, along with Movie Maker.  They build boats, hot air balloons and robotic arms and work with the Cad Pro program to design a better school environment.  Students are very excited about our Technology Lab.  They have the opportunity to work with IPads, our MAC computers and iPod Touch players at our MAC Station.  Our students are well-versed in most aspects of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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